Welcome to Trim USA

Headquartered in Tobaccoville, NC, Trim USA produces and distributes high quality films, application materials, accessories and tools for the graphics industry. In every transaction, Trim USA draws upon the latest technologies to offer high performance products that guarantee successful applications.

Customer Testimonials

[cl-review quote=”Trim USA is a terrific business partner because all of their employees are focused, fair and straightforward. They are goal-oriented and service-minded, working first and foremost to provide solutions to their customers. As a manufacturer with worldwide distribution, we’re proud to have Trim USA represent our products.” author=”Sara Bogue” occupation=”Market Manager, American BiltRite, Inc.” type=”quote” layout=”clean” italic=”1″]
[cl-review quote=”Trim USA gives us the extra mile of service that we can then pass on to the customer. They do whatever it takes to get the job done right. Together with their quality and value, it’s a great match. They help us service our entire market better.” author=”John McKenzie” occupation=”Owner, Motorsports Designs” type=”quote” layout=”clean” italic=”1″]
[cl-review quote=”They have a lot of support for their products, and their customer service people are very knowledgeable about what they sell. We’ve been working with Trim USA for as long as we’ve been in business…” author=”Kelly Little” occupation=”Image Plus” type=”quote” layout=”clean” italic=”1″]
[cl-review quote=”I’ve asked them for some pretty outrageous things, and they always come through. Once I needed some material on a Friday afternoon for a Saturday job, and an employee volunteered to drive it up to me at the end of the day. They have better customer service than anyone I’ve ever dealt with, and that’s what keeps me coming back…” author=”Mark Spencer” occupation=”Interstate Signs” type=”quote” layout=”clean” italic=”1″]