Trim USA – Since 1978

We believe the service we provide is an integral part of the product we deliver. 

MISSION: At Trim USA, we know that every customer has individual needs, unique applications, and unusual problems to solve. That is why our entire staff is committed to GETTING TO YES and focuses on SOLUTIONS.

Headquartered in Tobaccoville, NC, Trim USA produces and distributes high quality films, application materials, accessories, and tools for the graphics industry. We are a small, family-owned business with a knowledgeable and dedicated staff who are here to assist you with any industry needs. In every customer transaction, we act as a consultative partner, one dedicated to finding the right product for the customer’s needs. Toward that end, our customer service representatives receive consistent in-house learning opportunities because we pride ourselves in our ability to provide top-tier customer service.

Trim USA was started by one man with a unique philosophy about decorating with films. In 1978, Rodney Ashby entered the performance films business with a box of pinstripe tape worth $100, calling on car dealerships and offering to stripe cars with the materials in-hand. Ashby brought a creative approach to this endeavor, developing graphics with the end-use customer in mind. Ashby retired in 2011 and Trim USA is now owned and operated by Chris Bowen. Since its creative inception in 1978, Trim USA has championed innovation, customer care, and resilience above all else. With these values in mind, Trim USA has adapted its services to the ever-changing needs of the industry.

From a one-man service to a small shop on Trade Street in Winston-Salem, and eventually to the large warehouse space we call home today, Trim USA has grown to become is the United States importer and stocking distributor for the life of LX Hausys (a division of LG) Benif Architectural Films, which is imported from South Korea. Trim USA also stocks and distributes an abundance of American manufactured products from 3M, Transfer Rite, Siser, and Perimeter Trim.

Today, Trim USA is well known for quality performance products backed by outstanding customer service and a sales approach that makes a critical difference to customers. We understand the requirements of the industry and challenge ourselves to find more ways to bring value to our customers.

Meet Our Team


President / CEO

Chris assumed ownership of Trim USA in 2011, but his tenure in the business started long before then. In 1983, Chris joined the Trim USA team and throughout his career has done every job in the company. From production, to shipping, to sales, and everything in between, Chris’s knowledge and affinity for problem solving have guided his success in every position. Chris greatly enjoys teaching others about the industry and watching them grow in their respective roles. His favorite thing about his job is watching those around him succeed. Whether it is an employee, a customer, a vendor, or anyone else associated with Trim USA, Chris believes that they should benefit from their relationship with the company. His desire to grow both the company and the industry has allowed him to travel far and wide. For various business purposes, Chris has traveled to Japan, Spain, Australia, Whales, and most recently, South Korea. He lives by the saying “Good, better best, never let it rest, until your good is better, and your better is best,” one that he heard often from his mother growing up. Outside of the office, Chris lives a multifaceted life. He enjoys doing yard work and taking care of his multiple properties. Once a year, he takes a trip with his family to Elbow Cay; an island located in the Abacos which is a part of the Bahamas. He has been going to this spot for over 20 years. Truly a creature of habit, Chris also enjoys training and spending time with his Doberman, Mick and Retta, numbers 7 and 8 respectively. He loves the breed for their personality and aptitude for work and has owned one since he was 23 years old.



His wife, Heather Bowen joined Trim USA in 2019 and handles some human resource matters in addition to serving as the company’s counsel. Although her official employment at Trim USA began just a few years ago, the business has been a part of her life for over 20 years. Heather is also a successful real estate broker for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Carolinas Realty, in Winston-Salem. Before her brokerage career, which started in 2019, Heather practiced law for over 20 years. She received her bachelor’s degree from Duke University and her JD from Mercer Law School. She met Chris in Winston-Salem while studying for the bar exam and working as a waitress to pay the bills. She has a keen sense of obligation and as someone with high responsibility, she gets things done, and does them well. The best piece of advice she has ever received is that “hard work truly does yield good results.” Heather values her faith, family, friends, and freedoms and places these things as a priority. When Heather is not helping Trim or her real estate clients, she enjoys taking walks and spending time with friends. She has a heart full of love for animals and is always working to help local animal rescues, like Stepping Stones, find homes for pups who need them.


General Manager

Our General Manager, Brandon, has been with the Trim USA family for 24 years. His career began in the production department where he operated machinery for conversions, our striping program, pre-masking, and other jobs that require machine operation. In addition to being our GM, Brandon’s proficiency with and understanding of machines has made him our go-to tech specialist. Brandon’s proclivity for learning and problem solving has helped him to accrue years of knowledge and experience in both the company and the industry. Both his knowledge and patience have allowed him to lead the team well, navigating challenges with logic and reason. His favorite aspect of working at Trim USA is being able to exercise his problem-solving skills in assisting our customers and providing them with the best products available and seeking solutions to help grow the industry. Some of his biggest strengths include attention to detail, even in the most hectic of situations, and his out of the box thinking. Brandon aims to perceive things from as many angles as possible, which is a valuable habit that allows him to not only help customers, but to help the Trim USA staff as well. He firmly believes that everyone has a story to tell, and that empathy is a trait we can all aspire to embrace. When he is not working, Brandon enjoys painting, playing guitar, and spending time with family. His favorite quote is “without music, life would be a mistake” by Frederich Nietzsche.


Inside Sales Representative

Diana’s experience in the signage industry began nearly 40 years ago with a paint box. From there she learned computer generated graphics and continued to work hands-on with different materials. Diana originally became part of the Trim USA team over 20 years ago, converting film, and her advanced expertise on all things sign and graphics made her the perfect addition to the inside sales team here at Trim USA in 2017. Diana enjoys getting to know her customers and helping them find solutions for their project needs. Diana’s can-do attitude drives her to find the perfect solution for every customer, every day. She excels in her role because of her persistence and dedication to her work and to her customers. The advice she applies every day is to “never let other people’s bad behavior dictate your own behavior” which is incredibly valuable in the world of sales. To this same tune, Diana believes that a smile or a kind word will carry you farther than a complaint and that there is a lesson in every situation, good or bad. Anyone who has the pleasure of speaking with Diana on the phone or in person can attest to her cheerful and optimistic demeanor. Outside of the office, Diana enjoys spending time with her family and her two horses, Splash and Roni-Jack. Diana has a big heart for animals, and always has sweet or funny stories to share with the staff about her horses and other pets.


Inside Sales Representative

Jodi’s tenure with Trim USA began in 1998 as an in-house sales representative and in 2011 she relocated to Columbia, SC and now supports our customers remotely. During her interview all those years ago, Jodi had very little knowledge about vinyl, in fact, when she asked about our product line and was told that we sell “film,” she thought that it was the film used to capture photographs. Fast forward to almost 25 years later, Jodi is incredibly proficient in all things sign and graphics and helps our customers get to yes on a daily basis. Her willingness to learn and expand her expertise in-house led her to working hands-on with the material, attending 3M training seminars, installation seminars, and trade shows. She also gained valuable knowledge by simply listening to her customers, learning from their struggles, and helping them find solutions. Her relentless pursuit for answers paired with her commitment to her customers led her to be the awesome inside salesperson she is today. A strong member of our sales team, her favorite quote is “any quote that becomes a sale.” Outside of work, Jodi enjoys a wide range of activities. She loves live music and watching her husband’s band perform, gardening, fishing, spending time with her two pups, and just making memories. She lives her life guided by the wisdom in Matthew 7:12, “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”


Delivery Specialist and Seamstress

Some have the pleasure of seeing her for their weekly deliveries while others will just have to take our word for how great she is. Our delivery driver, Bridget, has been with Trim USA for almost 23 years and her long tenure has broadened her knowledge of all things Trim USA. Bridget joined the National Guard in ’99 and served until 2007 as a food service specialist. While working at Trim, she was deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2003-2004. In addition to driving the delivery van, Bridget, is our resident seamstress, filling all our banner orders. She also helps with shipping and processing as needed. Her attention to detail is incredibly helpful in every part of her job at Trim USA. Every week, Bridget writes a different quote, wise word, or motivator on the white board that sits in the front hall of our offices. Everyone who comes in the front door stops to read it, and many comment on how great the display is. Her favorite thing about Trim USA is that we are a small company and that everyone is like family. Bridget is friendly to all and is penchant for optimism. Even when placed in situations of negativity or when faced with an opinion different than hers, she is quick to listen and always chooses respect. Her favorite quotes are “everything happens for a reason” and “if it is meant to be it will be.” When she is not at Trim USA, Bridget likes to relax and watch tv, enjoys fishing, and spend time with her family.



After retiring from a career as an administrator in healthcare, Teresa joined the Trim USA team in 2022. Daily, Teresa exercises both her financial background, as well as her capacity for problem solving to find answers and keep all our accounts straight. Teresa sees life as a puzzle and perseveres until the right piece is in the right place; a characteristic that comes in handy quite often in her role as Trim’s bookkeeper. She is proactive, organized, and patient in all that she does. One of her favorite things about her role at Trim USA is the diversity of her position. She handles general accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and interacts with customers daily. Although she has been with us for only a couple of years, she appreciates that many of her coworkers have been with Trim for decades and are willing to share their wealth of knowledge with her. Her favorite quote is simply “do the right thing” and in her time away from the office she enjoys gardening, cooking, and tending to her horses.


Warehouse and Shipping Manager

Our resident “Warehouse Warlord” has been a part of the Trim USA family for 23 years. Jeff manages all warehouse and shipping operations and assists in the management of production as well. His managerial position entails the operation of heavy machinery, managing packaging and shipping responsibilities, and guiding production in the warehouse. One of his biggest strengths is his reliability. Whether it is the end of a busy day, with orders coming in at the last second, or a rush delivery job, Jeff gets it done with ease. His reliability and composure in the warehouse ensure that every order is packaged and shipped in a timely manner. When he is not working, he enjoys building models, exercising a level of patience many aspire to have. His models include various things such as spacecrafts, tanks, and war memorabilia. Jeff also enjoys comics; his favorite being Deadpool and previously having been The Walking Dead. He values his family and his health above all else.


Architectural Film Product Manager

In 2021, Taylor joined the Trim USA staff as a machine operator apprentice. It was through this position that she learned about the sign and graphics industry and where she learned about our Benif Architectural Films. Prior to this role, Taylor had no experience working in or around the industry but after working in healthcare during the pandemic, she knew she needed a fresh start. As her interest in the Benif line grew, Taylor stepped into the role of product manager for our architectural film lines. Today, she handles all Benif and 3M Di-Noc orders and manages existing customer relationships while trying to expand the product reach and build new ones. Her favorite part about working for Trim USA is the collaborative environment and the team’s customer service centered approach to business. She loves the fact that the team always believes in her, as she does them; constantly encouraging one another and celebrating every accomplishment, big or small. Her biggest strengths are her dedication to her customers and her determination to find the best solution to fit each customer’s unique applications and projects. When she is not working, Taylor enjoys cooking and spending time outdoors. Occasionally, she convinces Chris Bowen to have a cookout at work. That way she can get the best of both worlds. Her favorite quote is “I don’t care what they say about me. I just want to eat,” said Pam Beesly from The Office. Family is incredibly important to Taylor, and she greatly enjoys spending time with her loved ones. She believes that life is precious and that everyone should be encouraged to do the things that make them happy, a conviction she practices each and every day.


Machine Operator

Denver joined the Trim USA team just under 2 years ago as a machine operator. As our machine operator, Denver works on conversions, striping, pre-masking rolls, and anything else that uses the machines on the production line. In addition to his responsibilities in production, Denver also helps with shipping and completes a multitude of tasks in the warehouse. His capacity for learning and his ability to pick things up quickly have allowed Denver to take on a myriad of projects. Another skill that contributes to his success is his mind for machines. Denver understands how things work and is able to find efficient ways to get work done. His favorite aspects of working at Trim USA are the friendly and inviting people. He says that working here feels like working with close friends and family. His favorite quote is “do or do not, there is no try” – Yoda. When Denver is not working, he continues to put his analytical and problem-solving skills to use by helping his family with their own projects. He also enjoys entertaining his loved ones and making them smile. There is no doubt that Denver’s family and friends mean a lot to him.


Marketing and Media Specialist

The newest member of the Trim USA staff, Libby, came on board in June of 2023 as our marketing and media specialist. Some of her responsibilities include social media posts, email blasts, trade show preparation, and advertising. In May of 2023, Libby graduated from Furman University with a Bachelor of Arts in both Political Science and History. While at Furman she was a member of the Division I Women’s Lacrosse team and served as a team representative for the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. Trim USA has always been a part of Libby’s life as it is a family company. She enjoys the atmosphere of a small business and likes it that everyone shares a general knowledge of the day-to-day happenings at the office. She also appreciates the wealth of knowledge her colleagues have to offer regarding both the company and the industry in general. When she is not working, Libby coaches field hockey and lacrosse and interns for a political campaign. She enjoys being active and spending time with family and friends. Her favorite quote is “We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces and regret weighs tons” – Jim Rohn.

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