MAGNUM® Flexible Magnetic Sheeting

MAGNUM® Flexible Magnetic Sheeting

Description: A 30 mil white opaque, matte face finish, thermoplastic, high-intensity, multi-pole magnetic arrangement, with permanent, standard magnetization on the non-laminated side.

Uses: Screen printable. Ideal for removable vehicle graphics, architectural signage, menu boards, display boards, graphics, bin markers, die-cut magnets,
hand lettering, hot stamping, advertising specialties, refrigerator magnetics.

Special Features: Flexibility and Toughness! Performs well in adverse weather (such as rain, sleet and snow), and temperatures from -15°F to 160°F. Superior holding power on most metallic surfaces. Holds 85 pounds per square foot, compared to the average magnetic material which holds only 68 pounds per square foot. Close tolerance printability, plus or minus one thousandth inch thickness.

Size: 24-3/8 inches wide; 25 foot roll