3M™ Diffuser Film #3635-30

3M™ Diffuser Film #3635-30

Description: 2 mil, white color, uniform in reflective and transmitted light, permanent pressure sensitive clear adhesive, 78lb kraft paper liner.

Uses: Provides light diffusion to control light or achieve special effects on internally-illuminated signs. May be thermoformed. First surface applications must be completely covered by another layer of UV-resistant film. Not for use on 3M™ PGIII Panagraphics or 3M™ Envision™ Flexible Substrate FS-1. Apply to flat acrylic, polycarbonate, or PETG.

Special Features: Can eliminate the need for spray painting and provides a smooth, evenly illuminated appearance to the completed face. Available in four light transmission levels.

3635-30: 42% Fluorescent light transmission
3635-70: 65% Fluorescent light transmission
3735-50: 52% LED light transmission
3735-70: 63% LED light transmission

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